Prista Oil supports "Flamingo-98" dance school for its annual concert in Ruse


The concert was held on Sunday, May 22, 2016 in Kaneff Center of Ruse University. The event was split in two parts. Enthusiastic parents welcomes each of the on stage performances with load applause.

“The annual concert of "Flamingo 98" brings recognition to all the kids for the work done during the past year”, says the founder of "Flamingo 98" Mr. Nenov. “In our dance school we work with hundreds of children in several dance genres and from different age groups, with no demand from them to be perfect. The most important thing for the children is that their performances on stage stimulate and inspire them and impel creativity”, he said.

Participants in the show were more than 500 children and the crowd exceeded 1000 people.

Prista Oil, as one of the sponsors of the event provided  presents for the lottery, organized by the dance school’s manager.

"Flamingo-98" Sports and Dance Club - Ruse was established as the successor of one of the oldest dance schools in the city, formed in 1979 by Mr. Alexander Smikovchuk- ballroom dance coach at a youth center in Ruse , who is currently a ballroom dancing champion of Ukraine.

From 1998 to present, under the leadership of PR Manager Tsvetelin Nenov, the school has developed extensive dance and sports activities for children, students and adults in Ruse and Ruse district and now has more than 500 members.